Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

C.B.T. is based on the assertion that how you interpret your experiences in life determines the way you think, feel and behave. C.B.T is a psychotherapy designed to help you consciously identify feelings, beliefs, thought patterns and unwanted or unhealthy behaviours and replace them with healthy, positive ones.


Hypno- Psychotherapy is the term given to the psycho therapeutic approach that uses hypnosis in conjunction with an integrative group of therapeutic tools and therapies to enable the client to fully explore and identify their vast thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It employs therapist and client working with the conscious and subconscious mind to identify where and what the issues are and to work towards creating positive changes in their lives.
Hypno- Psychotherapy is most often used to:

Bring into the clients life their own positive wishes of new thinking and behavioural responses.
Interpret and analyse difficult periods in a clients history.
Create a “safe” environment where a client can review emotional situations from a distance.
Safely rehearse new thinking and behavioural choices designed to overcome previous difficulties, and be able to implement them in everyday life.