What others had to say about Hypnotherapy

I found Claire to be genuine in the way she related to me. Hypnosis was explained, I really enjoyed the experience and learnt a lot about myself. I am really glad I went to the appointments and practised the homework. It helped me greatly.

I had always had issues with food, especially sweets. I had tried different ways of controlling it but nothing worked.  Hypnosis and understanding my thoughts really helped me change how I looked at food. I no longer crave the foods that I know are bad for me and I don’t even miss them. I feel so much better physically and emotionally. Thank you

I had a problem for many years; I believed it to be a physical issue not an emotional one. After each medical test I was always disappointed when they never found anything that was causing the pain. I would have happily undergone any operation if a Doctor had told me they knew what it was.

After studying the pattern of pain versus what I was doing, I came to the realisation that it was being caused or exacerbated by anxiety and stress, something everyone has to deal with during their life but in my case the anxiety and stress became self fulfilling as the more I became concerned about it, the more pain I felt so the more I worried about it and so on. I knew it had become a serious problem when I began to plan my life around the issue. The more I planned, the more it controlled my existence and limited what I could do. I would ruminate about it 90% of my waking hours and dread getting myself into situations where I could not control it. It was limiting my social life and professional life.

I had few options to select from and so I did the logical thing, I needed to know for sure that it was stress and not a physical issue. I still struggled to believe that my mind could control my body so deliberately and without my control. I made two phone calls that day, one to Claire whom I had no knowledge of other than her internet page and the other to my Doctor who I was going to ask for anti-anxiety medication. I did not like the idea of being on any medication for an extended period of time. Luckily for me the Doctor was unable to see me for about 5 week’s, Claire was able to see me that week. Not sure why I selected Hypnotherapy other than if it was my mind, I thought I would be going straight to the root cause and the fix would be quicker.
Hypnotherapy was not what I expected, it was nothing like the TV shows at all, for me it was more like deep relaxation. I wanted it desperately to work and so I did not resist at all. I found the experience pleasant and educational. After each session I learnt more about my subconscious self and how to control it. Claire gave me my own set of tools that I could use to get it under control when I felt I needed to. Claire did not just hypnotise me and tell me not to worry, she tried to understand what was causing the issue so that the root cause could be addressed within my subconscious.

The results for me have been outstanding. I am doing things that I have not been able to comfortably do for years. I have not experienced that continuous pain that I had for about 10 weeks now. She has been able to break the cycle of my mind continuously thinking about the issue, at the end of the working day I often think back in amazement that I haven’t been thinking about it.
I did also see my doctor who gave me a prescription for anti-anxiety pills, I have not used it which I am very pleased about.

My only advice to you should you take this path is that you give yourself to the process, follow her instructions and don’t fight it, do the home work and help yourself. I still don’t fully understand how and why hypnotherapy worked for me the way it did but I am very grateful it did. I do still suffer from a similar pain during stressful times but that is normal, it is when you change your life to appease it that it is a problem.