First Session - What to Expect

The first session comprises of you and the therapist exploring your problem or issue thoroughly and answering any questions or concerns you may have. Your goals and desired changes will begin to be identified. Hypnosis is explained and with your consent, the state of hypnosis may be induced. This initial consultation enables an individual treatment plan to be discussed that is appropriate to your needs.


Mindful Hypnosis treats with confidence any personal information about clients, whether obtained directly or by inference.  This applies to all verbal, written or recorded material produced as a result of the relationship.  All records, whether written or any other form, are protected with the strictest of confidence. 

Choosing a Hypnotherapist

It is important that you feel comfortable with the therapist that you choose. The person you call should be happy to give you information over the phone before you make an appointment. Ask questions! A good hypnotherapist will encourage their clients to be educated about the process.  
Ask around - you'll be surprised how many people have been to a hypnotherapist. A referral from a friend is a great way to know that the person you are calling is reputable. It is always advisable to choose a hypnotist who is a member of a recognised Association, as these have Codes of Conduct that must be adhered to, and members will have had to demonstrate their ability to practise with skill.